Top 5 Fishing Kayaks

A lot of fishers we know are somewhat against buying a fishing kayak. However, that stigma may be changing. Kayaks are a way to get some exercise in while doing what we love the most: fish! There isn’t a more affordable way to get out on the water and get fishing either. Instead of dropping $10,000 or more on a motor powered boat, you can get out on the water for $200 or even less and get yourself one of the best fishing kayaks. Another thing folks are concerned about is if kayaking is too hard for them. Your first day out will be difficult but that only lasts for an hour or so while you master the rowing aspect. After that you’ll be shooting around in no time and can quickly get to your favorite fishing spots, or go exploring for new ones. You fit into smaller spaces and can make just about any embankment into a landing spot.

There are a lot of fishing kayaks out there and a lot will depend if you are looking for a fancy angler kayak or just something basic and inflatable to go around a smaller lake in. Some fishing kayaks you can even mount a trolling motor such as a Sevylor to that will really help you get around. Two person kayaks are a blast if you have a fishing buddy that you always go with. Plus, you can make him do all the rowing work!

#1 Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing KayakThis is probably the best 2-person fishing kayak for the money. You can take it just about anywhere and it is durable enough for all day fishing trips wherever you like to fish. The multiple air chambers act as backup in case of an accident. Punctures will be rare though, this material is very thick and there’s also a nylon cover to protect the thick PVC. It has paddle holders so you can use both hands to handle all the fishing gear. The great thing about this is it has a fitting for a trolling motor in case you want to buy a motor for it.

#2 Coleman Quikpak K1

Coleman Quikpak K1Coleman also has the K1 Quikpak for lone wolf fishers who like their peace and quiet. Sometimes there just isn’t anything like the quiet and stillness of an early fishing trip. For under $150 Coleman can get you started with their single kayak. It is quick to set up and pack up. The thing about this is that there isn’t much room for fishing gear, so you’ll have to make do with just a handful of select items.

#3 Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish KayakThis is a low cost option for a two person fishing kayak. You could also probably go solo in this kayak. The seats in this kayak are adjustable so you can lean back and enjoy the ride when you get tired of rowing. This kayak is ideal for small lakes, ponds, or very slow moving rivers. It is not as durable as the Coleman Colorado, but it will still get you to that little fishing spot where you found a fish or two.

#4 Hobie Pro Angler 14

Hobie Pro Angler 14If you’re really serious, you can get the full package from Hobie. This one is a doozy. These guys make some of the best kayaks money can buy. This uses pedal drive technology, so your legs do most the work while your hands and arms are free. Horizontal and vertical storage is available for up to 4 rods. There’s a tackle storage area located in the vessel as well.

#5 Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

Lifetime Sport Fisher KayakThis is a step up from the Coleman Quikpak K1 we talked about earlier. This kayak can fit up to 3 people but it is ideal for a single fisher. A 10 foot fishing kayak is perfect for small lakes and ponds. It has a dry storage compartment for all your fishing stuff. If you need to you can stand up and put your feet in the grooves on either edge. Also there are all sorts of trays to put items you need to have close at hand.

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